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Where I’ve been for the last 3 months…

Ms. Sue Martin

Fun shoot this weekend with the ever lovely and talented Sue Martin (she does it all!).

Made simple cardboard props, got lost (shocking even with the GPS) in the Pennsylvania countryside, saw VERY cool vintage tour bus & some endless cornfields, found Sue, busied with kids all day, had blast.

Loving hugs to you Sue.

Storm Before the Calm

Propping in a hurry.  Stark contrast to the chill shooting nature of Rachel Watson.  I have no idea what bee was in my bonnet last week or why I insisted on working in a 2’x2’ area when I had three 6 foot tables at my disposal.  I’d like to think that this work ethic is an isolated incident, but am now flashing back and do admit that I am rather spastic when setting up the shots.  

Messy before together with tons of options in between—that’s how I roll.

Polo/Ralph Lauren shoot at Studio West 26, NYC.