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Miami:  A Love Story

I am supposed to be painting large cardboard cut outs for Saturday that are taking up half of the apartment and I am trying to ignore the fact that I have acrylic paint all over my knees and right elbow.  Because my mind is wandering and I am procrastinating, I thought of you.

I love you because:

You ARE ‘poorly organized.’

You do things backwards and don’t care.

Your heat is exhausting and the sun always shines.

You drive 30 mph in the fast lane without a care in the world.

'Be there right away' means 'see you in an hour.'

Your brain and buildings are sun-bleached.

You insist on speaking to me in Eh-Spanish even though I answer you in English.

'Chonga' is a way of life and 'Sowesera' is south west.

Cortadito, Cafecito, Colada, Por Favor.