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Miami:  A Love Story

I am supposed to be painting large cardboard cut outs for Saturday that are taking up half of the apartment and I am trying to ignore the fact that I have acrylic paint all over my knees and right elbow.  Because my mind is wandering and I am procrastinating, I thought of you.

I love you because:

You ARE ‘poorly organized.’

You do things backwards and don’t care.

Your heat is exhausting and the sun always shines.

You drive 30 mph in the fast lane without a care in the world.

'Be there right away' means 'see you in an hour.'

Your brain and buildings are sun-bleached.

You insist on speaking to me in Eh-Spanish even though I answer you in English.

'Chonga' is a way of life and 'Sowesera' is south west.

Cortadito, Cafecito, Colada, Por Favor.

Los Churros and Rosa:  The Birth of Nicknames

This is Rêve. 

She is 6-1/2 months and, as her name suggests, a dream. 

Her birth coincided with my arrival back into New York City.  Her parents, special longtime friends of mine (and the kind and encouraging benefactors for my second couch of residence) had also arrived a few months earlier from London.  Rêve  is much loved, cherished and squeezed by her sleep-deprived parents…and of course me.  I have become Auntie Rosa.  The honorary family member that resides at the other end of the loft who hugs, plays, forces her to nap in the stroller, puts clothes on backwards and inside out, tortures her with long diaper changing, might over feed the rice cereal mixed with mum’s homemade pear puree a bit too much (oops), and gives hardworking mum a well deserved break.  Bath time?  Am there!  Reading Brown Bear Brown Bear.  Count me in!  Dance-a-thon with dad.  Woo-hoo!

The collective household of Pele+Pilar+Reve plus two furballs named Veuve and Neuf have become ‘Los Churros.’ Sometimes, Rêve by herself is Chonguita to my Chonga—-short for ehem, ‘Chongalicious.’  Banana or Top Banana is often in the mix for Pilar, the household cruise director.  The names are endless and flow naturally in and out of conversation.

My weeks would not be the same without Los Churros.