I met Adrienne on a photo shoot many moons ago.  We were both assisting.  It was August and it was hot.  The studio was too bright.  She was sitting reading a magazine waiting with the photographer.  I was being yelled at by my boss for not getting enough cakes—-even though I had about 20 different options, (seriously), and the set was not up and ready.  I was out of my mind.  While I was trying to calmly put away the knife that I was going to use to stab my boss, Adrienne came over and said with a giggle,  ‘Let’s work together.  We can make something really cool.’  The following week we started making sets in a small basement studio, with anything and everything we could find. 

I first met Chris at their skinny jam-packed apartment in Williamsburg, while Adrienne and I were frantically gathering props for one of ‘our ideas.’  I had never seen so many antiques and guitars jammed into an apartment.  It was amazing.  Recording equipment squished right up against amazing antique ceramic pieces.  Guitars dangling over a vintage card table, a carousel horse hanging from the ceiling!  My first image of Chris was of him sidestepping around the apartment talking to us as he strummed the guitar that was hanging comfortably from his shoulders.  Didn’t matter what room or what apartment they moved to, if he was watching the baby, or if he had been up all night after flying in from playing on tour, he was and is always playing.  And Adrienne is the cruise director for all of this.  She never stops.  I asked her once how she had the energy to have her hands in so many things.  She exclaimed, ‘I’m a Cohen—-if you want stuff done, you have to have a Cohen in your life!’

I was super excited to hear from Adrienne a few weeks ago announcing with three others, their new band, Paladino (and her subsequent running around to shoot promo pics and video while channeling my basic set styling skills).

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should check them out.  Good energy and great ‘psych-folk-country-punk sound.’ 

P.S. Adrienne, I still owe you one grand set as promised. This might finally be the Carousel Horse’s time to shine! Miss you guys and great job.

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